Pics of Plaistow Festival week 2018

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Nearly 3500 people enjoyed our week-long Plaistow Festival last month, run by PSBL in partnership with Newham Council!  This was the first ever Plaistow Festival week.
Over 700 attended weekday events ranging from a local heritage walk to NewVIc’s Arts and Media Showcase, with more than 2600 joining in the final event with stalls, stage and fun activities in Plaistow Park.
Look out for our September newsletter which will have a full report with many photos!  Meanwhile, here are a few to be getting along with:
On the Plaistow Festival day…
Some photos of the activities during the week…

Plaistow Heritage Walk

Summer Solstice Picnic in Greenway Orchard

Opening of the NewVIc Well-being Garden

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