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Plaistow South
Big Local

South Plaistow is one of 150 areas selected by the Big Lottery to receive funds from a £200 million 10-year programme to ensure lottery ‘good causes’ money is fairly distributed.  We have over £1 million to spend between 2014 and 2024 – extended now to 2026!

Our projects are helping to
transform Plaistow South
and build our community


PSBL recognises that there are three types of digital exclusion: access to a device, access to Wifi and having digital skills to do what you need or want to do online.


Green Spaces

Celebrating, using and developing green spaces has been a priority for PSBL right from the start. Green spaces are so important for wellbeing and there is plenty of scope to bring more nature into our area.

Inclusive music and drama session at Tollgate School


Inclusive Dance

A very successful pilot.


Mental Health & Wellbeing

Funding mindfulness and pain management.

Networking cuppa’s

Includes monthly guest speakers and a place to network and learn.


Money Matters

Vital financial education and money saving check-ups.

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